Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Finn

Baby Finn is here!  He was a chubby baby boy. I love working with bigger newborn babies as they tend to be sleepier and easier to pose and move. Finn didn’t disappoint!  And we even got a photo of him and his two older fur siblings! After all they have been part of most of my previous sessions with his mom and dad, we wouldn’t have wanted to leave them out of this one!

Newborn baby boy sleeps on a mongolian fur rug with a star backdrop behind him

baby boy sleeps in a blue bucket while his black pug and terrier cross dogs sit next to him

a little smile from a sleeping newborn baby boy

new parents wearing glasses snuggle with their brand new baby boy

asleep on a royal blue rug a new baby holds his toes

a chubby newborn boy sleeps curled up on a blue rug

Starry night backdrop and a sleeping newborn baby

a newborn hugs his stuffed owl toy while they sleep

on a brown rug a newborn boy wearing a blue and brown striped knit hat smiles in his sleep

a close up photo of a newborn baby's face

 macro photo of newborn toes against a brown blanket

mom and dad snuggle with their brand new baby

 a blonde mom wearing dark rimmed glasses smiles and snuggles her new baby boy

a new family of three pose for newborn photos

 new baby sleeps curled up on his dad

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Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Aiden

Little Aiden has such cute little round face! And he posed so well for me on his tummy. I sometimes struggle with the tummy poses as not all babies like it. Even though they are brand new they know what they like and what they don’t. Newborn baby Aiden is the newest member of this family and he was my first session of 2015. Dad wanted some of his hunting paraphernalia incorporated into the session. Thankfully I had brought one of my more rustic basket props and I had recently bought this cool sheep’s wool pillow cover (at the Butterdome Craft Sale), so the hunting gear worked perfectly with them. And we have to talk about Aiden’s adorable big sister. She was a great listener! 

a newborn boy sleeps on a white blanket and is wrapped in a turquoise scarf

asleep in a turquoise blue wrap a baby has his head on his hands

a newborn baby is wearing a rustic brown knit hat and is asleep on a white blanet

 a cute newborn boy is asleep on a white blanket on his tummy

 holding his toes a newborn boy wearing  blue striped bow tie sleeps on a dark grey flokati rug

Sleeping newborn boy in a wiker basker with an antler leaning up against the basket

big sister with dark hair and eyes sits next to the wicker basket that her sleeping baby brother is in

a little girl smiles big as she lays on the ground by her newborn brother who is wrapped in a a teal cheesecloth

new siblings lay on the floor together

mom cradles her newborn boy to her chest while he sleeps in a teal wrap

parents sit with their new son and older daughter while dad tickles the girl

 a new family of four sit together for a family photo against a grey background

a dad and brand new baby snuggle together during a newborn photoshoot

a little girl wears her big sister shirt

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Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Emily

Beautiful little Emily was an early Christmas present for her parents!  (See them here with Carolina’s maternity session.) Newborn Emily is the first child in her family, however we did have a “toddler” join us for a photo and keep us on our toes. Snoopy their dog was still in the puppy phase and he loved to grab my blankets and other props. I think he even grabbed a soiled pee pee pad. Seriously!  Pets. Even though there was some dog wrangling going on in the background, Emily slept wonderfully and I was able to get a lot of snuggly photos of her. We even posed her and Snoopy together (although it was done as a composite photo) in her Christmas pajamas!

a spanish mother holds her new baby girl

a new dad with dark hair kisses his baby girl

 a mother and father hold their newborn baby as they stand in front of a black wall

 a black and white photo of a dream lit mother with her baby

 baby is asleep on a fluffy rug in a basket

 wearing Christmas pajamas a newborn baby girl sleeps in a small bucket

 a golden retriever dog with his tounge hanging out of its mout lays on a wooden floor next to his sleeping newborn baby sister

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