Edmonton Maternity Photographer * Abby

Abby really wanted to do her maternity session with flowers. Unfortunately those are hard to come by in Edmonton in January. We did manage to find a few at the Enjoy Centre in St Albert, but I wanted to embrace the season and convinced them to come outside for a few. I really love winter maternity sessions. Abby and Dan look great in the snow and dry grasses. And bac to the Enjoy Centre — this place is so big there is something different at every turn. But we discovered a back room full of giant glowing planters!  How cool would it be to have one of these in your garden?  It also made a really neat and unique backdrop for the maternity photos.

a pregnant couple wearing black clothing stands on the frozen Sturgeon River for a winter matenrity session

 a woman with long red hair, red lips and a lip ring holds her pregnant belly for a photo n the snow and dry grasses

a boyfriend hugs his pregnant girlfriend and kisses her cheek while they stand in the snow along the Sturgeon River

A woman with long red hair and wearing cheetah print leggings has maternity photos in the middle of a small pine tree forest

a woman holds her regnant belly while she leans on the wooden beams of a picnic shelter

a photo closeup of a pregnant belly and glowing orbs of blue behind her

 a pregnant couple holds hands while they stand in the middle of glowing blue planters at the Enjoy Centre in St Albert

Mom hold her baby belly in a room full of big white and blue glowing planters at the Enjoy Centre in St Albert

Edmonton Family Photographer * Gough Family

Gough family has added a sweet little girl to their family since the last time I photographed them! Little Marek was just a brand new baby. Now they are both adorable and very energentic toddlers!

a chinese mom and white dad sit with their little boy and girl for a family photo on a bone colored savage paper backdrop and cream flokati

 a chinese caucasian mixed family pose for a studio style photo on a cream flokati rug

a toddler girl and boy with asian features sit on their dad's lap for a photo

a chinese mother hugs her little boy and girl as they smile during a studio photo session

 a chinese baby girl wearing a white and black checkered dress sits on a Mr and mrs Co curved bench and smiles

a 4 year old chinese canadian boy laughs while he has his photo taken

brother and sister with asian features sit together on a cream flokati rug and look quizzically at the camera

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Edmonton Baby Photographer * Valentines Mini Sessions

My first time doing Valentine’s Mini Sessions at my mobile studio were a success!

A 6 month baby boy sits in a shallow bucket during a Valentines themed photoshoot

Baby boy wearing  a tweed hat and a black tie smiles while he has a Valentines photo taken

mom holds her chinese baby on her lap as they sit on front of a thunder grey savage backdrop with pink and red hearts

a baby boy with red hair holds a red rose while he is wearing a red sweater vest for Valentines Day

a 6 month old baby boy wearing a red sweater vest sits in a shallow bucket for a valentines photo and looks confused

a blonde preschool girl smiles and sits holding her legs on a heart covered grey backdrop

a little girl lays on her tummy kicking her feet in the air and holds her chin in her hands

a pregnant mom holds her blonde daughter on her tummy in front of a bright white backdrop

a preschool aged girl kisses her pregnant mother on the cheek

close up photo of a little blonde girl hugging her pregnant mother's tummy

a blonde woman and her toddler son sit together on a heart covered thunder grey backdrop

a little blonde boy holds out a red paper heart while he stands in front of a backdrop covered in red and pink hearts

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