Edmonton Christmas Mini Sessions

Christmas Minis 2016 900px.png

Two days ONLY —  November 26 & 27. Christmas mini sessions will be at my home studio, conveniently located off the Whitemud and Anthony Henday in west Edmonton. Sessions are 20 minutes long (appointments scheduled every 30 minutes, participants must show up on TIME)

       Saturday  November 26                      Sunday November 27         
  9am —   9am —
  9:30am —   9:30am —
  10am — Melissa Mackell   10am —
  10:30am —   10:30am —
  11am —   11am 
  11:30am —   11:30am —
  Noon — Sarah Thompson   Noon —
  12:30pm —     
  1pm — Melissa Milford   
  1:30pm —   
  2pm —   
  2:30pm —   

  3pm —


Up to 3 children maximum. My set doesn’t accomodate for any more. 

$225 session fee (GST not included). Includes 5 digital files and a 5x7 digital holiday card for you to print at the lab of your choice. Session fee required at time of booking to hold the spot. ALL SALES ARE FINAL

Upgrade to your entire gallery for an additional $100. Upgrade payable when the photos are ready for viewing. 

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Edmonton Child Photographer * Hudson & Lincoln

Hudson and Lincoln are the cutest blue eyed brothers!  I have all girls at home and people always say that girls get the best clothes. But boys have some super cute things too!  Those orange pants! Love them. Do they come in adult sizes?  These two came in for some updated sibling photos. It was a fast session — as it usually is when working with preschoolers and elementary kids. But we had fun!

brothers wearing jeans a button up shirts sit together on a cream coloured flokati rug

a grade school boy sits on his hands and smiles on a curved bench

 a big brother tickles his little brother as he sits on a curved bench

a little boy with spikey hair and orange pants lounges on a curved bench

a little boy gives a thumbs up during a photoshoot with his big brother

 two blonde haired kids hug each other as they look at the camera

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Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Sawyer

Newborn baby Sawyer is so cute!  I love her little round face and she was a wonderful baby to photograph!  Mom and dad are big NHL fans — one cheering for the Edmonton Oilers and the other cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs. We incorporated a bit of both in the session. Hopefully Sawyer doesn’t grow up wanting to cheer for Calgary or Vancouver!

newborn girl sleeps in a wicker basket wearing a purple knit hat

 a brand new baby girl wearing a headband with purple chiffon flowers sleeps in a wicker basket

Wrapped in an Edmonton Oilers jersey is a sleeping newborn girl

brand new baby sleeps in  Toronto Maple Leafs jersey

newborn girl is asleep on her dad's black hockey gloves

 a beautiful baby girl is wrapped in a green wrap and asleep on her tummy

a baby clasps her hands as she sleeps wrapped in a white mohair knit scarf

a black and white photo of a round faced baby sleeping

mom and dad hold their newborn girl as she sleeps in a green wrap

 dad holds his new daughter and smiles at her

dad wearing a blue sweater touches his nose to his newborn daughter's nose

mom snuggles her brand new baby girl against her chest

a new mother holds her brand new baby in her arms

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Edmonton Cake Smash Photography * Hudson

Hudson might be one of my favorite cake smashers ever. He was so happy and so exicted about everything.  He also did an awesome job on his cake. And he is so cute — those baby blue eyes! I will be photographing his baby sister coming up in December. She’s got big cake smashing shoes to fill!  Just kidding. Every child is different during a cake smash.

blue eyed boy tastes blue icing on his birthday cake with his finger

a one year old boy shoves cake into his mouth with both hands

a one year birthday boy cheers during his cake smash session while he is covered in icing

a baby with cake all over his face laughs hysterically at himself

a little baby on his birthday claps his blue icing covered hands together and smiles

a one year old boy grabs his blue and grey chevorn striped cake and puts it in his lap

 sitting in a metal bath tub a baby covered in blue icing splashes

a baby looks confused as he has a bath in a metal tub after his cake smash photo session

 on his first birthday a baby boy splashes and cheers during a bath in a metal tub

a bald dad and dark haired mom stand with there one year old son in front of a thunder grey savage paper backdrop

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