Emily is 2 * Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer

Cake Smash sessions are a fun way to celebrate a brithday. It doesn’t have to be a first birthday either. I’ve done cake smash sessions for children as old a 5! Emily turned 2 and her mom wanted to celebrate with a Seasame Street cake smash theme. She even had the familiar Seasame Street sign made with her name on it.  So very cute. 

girl smiles and sits with her Seasame Street dolls

little girl wearing a pink shirt hold her stuff toys from Seasame Street

a little girl wearing a pink shirt looks into the camera with her dark brown eyes

a happy girl in a pink tutu sits behind a giant cupcake with white and blue frosting

a little girl picks the marashino cherry off the top of a giant cupcake

a little girl takes a bit from her giant cupcake without using her hands

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