Young Family * Edmonton Family Photographer

It’s been so long since this family session was photographed, I have forgotten all the mental notes I made. Whenever I do photoshoot, I like to keep mental notes about some of the cute or funny things we did or what was said. I do remember Thomas the Train being part of the session. The Young family have the sweetest little boy who loves Thomas. So to get him to smile, we all sang the theme song. Thankfully I have a little girl who also loves Thomas the Train, so I could sing along. It’s amazing how fast kids perk up and sit still when someone sings something to them. 

I also got the chance to try something I have never tried before — a silhouette photo. It’s the last one in the set. For a first go at the technique, I think it turned out pretty well. The clouds were perfect for it!  A storm rolled in at the right time.

A family sits with their son in tall grass

A mom and dad sitting with their son in tall grass

A family stands on a wodden bridge

a dad high fives his son next to a stream

Silhouette of a family swinging their child

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