Baby W * Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Introducing Baby W! He is the second born of this sweet family (who I met when I photographed their first baby two years ago). Out of respect for their wishes I am keeping all names private. Baby W did an awesome job at his session. He slept like a charm and any time he fussed, I would pop his soother in and he would fall right back to sleep. *tip — soothers can be godsends during a newborn session. A lot of times, a baby is not hungry, they just want something to suck on. I know a lot of new parents don’t want to give their baby a soother for fear of nipple confusion. But a few hours of using a soother will be okay. And if baby is fussy, it could make the session go much smoother. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the photos of Baby W and a few camoes from his big sister! 

newborn boy wrapped in a navy blanket sleeps on a light blue blanket

A newborn baby sleeps in a grey blanket

A light grey blanket covers a sleeping baby

a baby boy wears a brown knit teddy bear hat while he sleeps

newborn baby toes peek out of a brown knit blanket

a close up photo of a newborn bab boy and his back rolls

a big sister smiles proudly as she sits next to her sleeping newborn baby brother

A family sits on their bed with their daughter and new baby boy

A new family of four smiles for the camera

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