Will is One * Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer

Will was too funny at his cake smash. He KNOWS how it’s done. I think it also helps that he is not the first child in the family. I find cake smash sessions go way better with second or third children. With the first child, mom and dad have usually tried to keep baby pretty clean while he or she is eating. And lots of times they haven’t let them try cake or icing. But that is not the case with second or third children. With subsequent kids, the rules are thrown out the window. At least that was the case at my house. Probably had something to do with how sleep deprived I was.  

Back to Will. I always start off my cake smash sessions with some “clean” photos of the birthday child. Will’s big sister Clara joined us for a few photos. She has gotten so big!  Clara’s was one of the first cake smash sessions I ever did. I did a quick background change and then we let Will go. And go he did. 

a cute little boy wearing a plaid cap and matching overalls sits on a rug

a toddler and his sister sit together on a rug

a little girl wearing matching clothes, smiles at her little brother

A princess joined me as my light tester on the new backdrop.

A little blonde girl with pigtails and wearing a dress up princess costume sits on the floor

a birthday boy crouches next to his grey and blue chevron decorated cake and tastes the icing

sitting on the floor a baby starts making a mess with his birthday cake

a boy celebrating his first birthday claps and smiles as he is covered with cake and blue icing

big smiles from a toddler as he makes a mess with his birthday cake

a little boy reaches his arms up in the air to say touchdown. He is covered in birthday cake.

To book your child’s birthday cake smash session please contact me here! It will be a lot of fun.

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