Graham Family * Edmonton Extended Family Photographer

Being a photographer gives me the opportunity meet a lot of new people. It also gives me to the opportunity to randomly reconnect with people I knew a long time ago. Michelle (with the brown curly hair) and I went to High school together. Perhaps Junior High as well, but I can’t member back that far.  I met with the Graham family at a new location I was dying to use. It had great grass fields and a new bridge across the river. Too bad the colour of the North Saskatchewan River was it’s normal brown colour. But it was very fun to photograph this extended family session. I like the shades of blue they chose against the green trees. And everyone was so well behaved, including the adults. Lol.

an extended family wearing shades of blue stands together in a grove of trees

a little red headed boy with blue eyes stands with his mom and dad

a husband and wife wearing blue shirts hold hands in the middle of tall grass in the forest

a little blonde girl looks at a dandylion with fuzz

a preschool aged girl dances in a field of long dress

three little cousins sit together on a rock in a field of long grass

in individual families a grandma and grandpa get a large group photo with their children and grandchildren

a mom and ad with their redheaded son sit on the grass and smile toward the camera

wearing shades of blue mom and dad sit on the ground with their teo blonde haired daughters

three little cousins strike a pose while standing in the middle of the Fort Edmonton Footbridge

grandma sits on the grass with her three grandchildren

a grandma laughs with ther three grandchildren as they act goofy

standing on the Fort Edmonton Footbridge a mom and two adult daughters hug each other

a mom and dad sit with their adult daughters with the North Saskatchewan River in the background

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