Reed Is One * Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer

I have done many many many cake smashes in my photography career. But I never met a little boy who played his cake like a drum until it was nothing but mush. It started off innocently enough, as you can see from Reed’s cute expressions in the first few cake smash photos. But then he got into it. And got into it he did! Reed has such a fun personality. It was a joy to photograph him and his parents on his first birthday.

Little boy sits on his dads shoulders and smiles at him while mom looks at both of them

a one year old boy tries to walk away from his parents while they are sitting on a blanket in the grass

a one year old boy smiles with his nose scrunched up and mom and dad laugh

a little boy sitting on the ground and plays peek a boo with his grey newsboy cap

wearing a turquoise blue diaper cover a little boy smiles as he sits infront of his first birthday cake

a boy with bright blue eyes samples his birthday cake that has blue and white icing

on his first birthday a little boy wearing a blue diaper cover destroys his cake

a little boy samples the icing on his cake for his first birthday

the toes and legs of a baby on his first birthday are covered in blue and white icing

a little boy is covered from head to toe in white and blue icing and his cake is smashed all over the floor

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