Katie and Callum * Edmonton Family Photographer

It is really great having photographers for friends! Katie was actually the one who I hired to take my youngest baby’s first family and newborn pictures. They were beautiful and I was glad to be in the photos! Because I knew Adelyn was going to be my last baby I wanted to be in as many photos as I could. So about five months later I had the idea of getting a nursing session done. Katie suggested we do a exchange — she would take photos for me and I could do a session with her sweet little boy and her! We met on a beautiful sunny evening in a field of purple flowers. Katie also had her brand new little King Charles Spaniel, Lucy, so I took a few family photos too. Very cute family!

A mom kisses her little boy while they stand in the sunlight and a field of purple flowers

A mom stands in a field of purple flowers with her little boy

sitting in a patch of purple flowers a mom wearing a burgandy dress tickles her little boy

a toddler boy laughs with his mom as they sit on a quilt blanket on the ground surrounded by purple flowers

a mother with shoulder length brown hair kisses the head of her toddler as he holds his favorite toy and looks off into the distance

a little boy acts goofy on a sunlit path of dandelion flowers

standing in a field of dandelion fuzz with the sun glowing behind them, a mom holds her little boy

mom and son blow dandelion fuzz together in a field that is backlit by the setting sun

a little boy looks inquisitively at a dandelion while sitting in a backlit field with his mom

a family sits in tall grass with their toddler son and their new King Charles Spaniel puppy

a family and their little boy give their new King Charles Spaniel puppy a scratch behind the ears

Sitting in a backlit field of tall grass a 7 week old King Chalres Spaniel puppy gives kisses to his family

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