Mommy Connections North * Edmonton Child Photographer

When I was driving to the location for the Mommy Connections North Edmonton toddler group’s photo day, the skies were black. It was not looking very good that our outdoor sessions were going to take place. As I was waiting for the moms to arrive, I madly searched around for somewhere with cover that could be used. But as luck would have it, the rain stopped just in time and we decided to use a nearby skateboard park!  The rain had chased away all the skateboarders, so it was empty, clean and vibrant. It was perfect for the energetic toddlers!.

A little girl with curly hair and a jean jackets laughs as she stands next to graffiti at a skateboard park

a mom stands with her curly haired toddler in one picture and a little girl of asian decent stands in another picture at a skateboard park

an asian mom and daughter laugh together in front of graffiti at a skateboard park

a mom with longe blonde hair tickles her daughter at a skateboard park with a lot of graffiti

with a background of graffiti at a skateboard park a mom and daughter with dark hair laugh and hug each other

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