Baby Kaiden * Edmonton Newborn Photographer

I think I had a solid 30 minutes with an asleep Baby Kaiden before he was an awake Baby Kaiden. Sometimes even when you follow the “newborn photographer tips for making sure baby stays asleep”, newborns have other plans. But he is such a cutie, that it didn’t matter. Look at his head of strawberry blonde hair! And he had incredible eye contact with me when he was awake, and really cute facial expressions.  I loved working with him!

newborn baby wearing brown knit pants with suspenders sleeps on a fuzzy brown rug

a newborn baby boy with light blonde hair is asleep on a brown fuzzy rug

in a wicker basket against a wooden wall a newborn boy sleeps soundly

a closeup photo of a sleeping newborn baby boy with fuzzy blonde hair

a newborn boy is awake on a blue grey rug and looking at the camera

a newborn baby sticks his tongue out at the camera

a new mother holds her newborn son on her shoulder and he looks into the camera

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