Baby Rhys * Edmonton Newborn Photographer

I’m not going to lie, when I walked into Leesa and Grant’s home and saw his tattoos and her gorgeous hair, I squealed. I might have squealed to myself a couple of times during our session — like when Grant asked for a photo with his back tattoos and Baby Rhys laying on his shoulder. It’s a photo that has been done countless times by countless photographers, but it is just really cool. They were a photographer’s dream couple! Now we can’t forget about the star of the show, baby Rhys. He was such a sweet little boy and so good for me. We got through so many setups before he decided that he had had enough.

A mom and dad with lots of tattoos hold their newborn baby boy

a mom with long blonde hair kisses her newborn boy while her husband holds him

a punk rock dad with slick haor and tattoos holds his newborn baby boy

a woman with long blonde hair and tattoos on her arms kisses her newborn baby boy

a beautiful mom with tattos and long blonde hair gently kisses the head of her newborn baby boy

a new dad proudly displays his tattoos while holding his sleeping baby boy on his shoulder

newborn boy sleeping in a light blue wooden bucket on a barnwood floor

a close up photo of a newborn boy asleep on a fuzzy caramel coloured rug

a little baby wears a brown knit hat while he sleeps in a wooden doll bed

the tattooed arm of the new dad comforts his baby boy while his sleeps on a little doll bed

Newborn relaxes and sleeps on a fuzzy brown rug

wrapped tightly in a grey mohair knit blanket a baby boy sleeps

a close up photo of a newborn boy wearing a knit grey hat

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