Bradbrooke Family * Edmonton Family Photographer

Last year we had the strangest Spring. It was so late and that made it hard to predict when the leaves would be out. So when I met up with the Bradbrooke family the leaves were just sprouting, when they should have been out full. But leaves or no leaves, all we need is a smiling child and everything is good! It had been a year since I last saw little Aiden. He was full of energy. So were his puppies!  So we let them run as much as we could. The golden retriever even went for a swim. I found this out when he  came up behind me, while I was taking a photo of mom and Aiden, and shoot all the water out! It was funny.

a little boy walks between his paresnt legs and holds their hands

dressed in jeans a striped tshirt a two year old boy walks in a field

a family calls their golden retriever and small black dog down the path to them

mom dad and their two year old son sit in the forest with their two dogs

a little boy runs down a path in the forest laughing and smiling while his dogs chasing after him

mom cuddles and tickles her two year old son

a family holds their only son and laughs together

dad holds his two year old son in the forest and they smile and laugh together

mom snuggles her little boy while he grins

a little boy proudly displays his new bike which he got for his second birthday

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