Edmonton Headshot Photography

I am part of a large group of Edmonton female photographers that regularly talk on Facebook. We are able to share job bookings and referrals, ask technical questions or just vent when we need to vent. A lot of being a photographer means that you are by yourself in your office. So it is nice to be able to talk with other photographers even if you are not in the same place. One of the women suggested we get together while the crab apple blossoms are out and take each other’s headshots. A few of us were able to make it work!  It was fun to meet some of these other ladies and see how each other in action. We all have very different styles of both photography and editing.

 Here are a couple of my favorites from the three photographers I photographed (and a bonus one of Tiffany and her dog). 

a photographer sits in the dandylion fuzz with her canon 70-200mm lens

a female photographer poses with her camera in the blooming pink apple blossoms

a photographer with brown hair and pink lipstick poses with her canon camera in the pink blossoms

a woman wearing a black floral print dress gets a link from her little white dog as they sit in a field full of dandylion fuzz

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