Baby Easton * Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Compared to a lot of newborn photographers, I do my sessions backwards. Many photographers start their sessions with baby photos and then have the family join in at the end. I do love the baby portion of newborn photoshoots, but I like to give as much focus to the family photos, especially when there are other siblings involved. Also when doing family and sibling photos first, they don’t need to hang around waiting for their turn. This is especially great as I work in very warm environments (heat=sleepy baby), so my clients don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty and having makeup run while they wait for their turn at photos.

Baby Easton was so sweet during his family photos. He stayed awake throughout, but he was cool and calm. It wasn’t until mom was holding him that he finally fell asleep (and flashed a cute grin). We even got a sleeping photo of both siblings at the end of the session. 

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a family sits with their giggling little girl and newborn son

sitting with her mom and dad a toddler girl kisses the head of her newborn baby brother

mom kneels while holding her new baby boy in one arm and her toddle daughter stands next to her other side

a dad and little daughter share a laugh while a newborn baby boy looks at the camera

a mom cuddles her newborn baby boy on her chest and he smiles

newborn baby boy is asleep on a blue blanket and laying in a decorative bowl made out of driftwood.

newborn baby boy is asleep on a grey blanket

laying on a white blanket a newborn baby boy wears a cap with the Oklahoma Sooners college football team logo

a sleeping little girl holds her new baby brother in her arms

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