Baby Lewis * Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Check out the little blue knit jumper Baby Lewis is wearing in a few of the photos. At just three months old he is rocking the same outfit his daddy wore when he was a baby. Did your parents keep clothes from when you were little? My mom kept the outfit I came home from the hospital in. However, none of my kids were small enough to fit it. 

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a close up photo of a mom and da with their 3 month old baby boy

mom and dad hold theie baby boy

mom and dad pose for a photo with their 3 month old baby and their dog

a baby boy has tummy time on a cream coloured rug

wearing baby blue knit jumper a baby lays on his tummy on a rug

a baby boy has a picture while wearing a sweater and pants

mom and dad hold their sleeping baby on their bed

a dog sniffs a new baby while mom and dad sit with them on their bed

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