Mommy Connections South * Edmonton Child Photographer

Even from a very young age boys know that girls have cooties.  Ha ha!  The first picture from my blog post with the Mommy Connections South toddler group is perfect. I hope you enjoy a sneak peek into the morning I spent with some very sweet little ones and their moms.

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 a little boy makes a face as his sister tries to kiss him

baby wearing a blue dress sits in a cream coloured bucket

 a mom of asian decent holds her two young duaghters on her lap

 a mom and little girl sit together on a cream coloured rug

 a little girl wearing a blue knit dress and white stockings stands on a cream coloured rug

 with a big grin and little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes smiles for the camera

 a cute toddler girl has pigtails in her light brown hair and she sits on a cream coloured bucket

 a mom gives her little boy a kiss on the cheek while they sit on a cream coloured fuzzy rug

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