Edmonton Child Photographer * Mommy Connections

This group of toddlers from the Mommy Connections classes was so fun to photograph. I thought it would be a struggle because the photo shoot was being held at a local bouncy castle facility. So their moms had to take them away from all the fun and come to me for the photos. But they all got a kick out of my newest prop. This bench was a lifesaver for keeping their attention and for playing with them. There were a bunch that liked to pretend it was a horse. But it was a cute pose!

 a curly haird girl wearing a birth sweater with a heart on it laughs

a long haird mom smiles and she hold her toddler boy

a baby boy and his toddler brother smile together as they sit on a cream colour flokati rug

a dark skinned mom sits and holds her two little boys on a cream coloured fuzzy rug

a little boy in a red and blue striped shirt holds onto a white curved bench and smiles

in a yellow shirt a toddler girl sits on a curved bench like she is riding a horse

a mother and her two little boys sit together and smile for the camera

a little girl is sitting on a white curved bench with a big grin.

a beautiful blue eyed girl looks toward the camera and smiles

a blonde haired mother holds her blonde haired toddler on her lap while she kneels on the cream coloured rug on the floor

wearing coordinating outfits of yellow white blue and orange a mother sits with her baby boy and little girl

two blonde and blue eyed children sit together and cuddle

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