Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Lillian

Introducing baby girl Lillian! She is the sweet newborn of Kristie and Shaun. Her perfect porcelain skin reminds me of Snow White. She was such a good sleeper and so cooperative with my posing.  I loved working with her and her parents! Unfortunately her puppies weren’t able to join in this session for a photo, but they were able to be there during her 6 months and 1 year photos. 

newborn baby girl sleeps peacefully on a borwn rug wearing a cranberry knit jumper and bonnett

a baby girl model a knitted bonnett and jumper in cranberry colour

 a newborn sleeps on a brown flokati and has cream coloured skin

newborn baby toes photo taken with a macro lens

close up of a baby's sleeping face

cuddling a white stuffed lamb toy a newborn girl sleeps

a naked newborn baby is curled up asleep on mauve flokati rug and she is wearing a mint green knit bonnett

a newborn is awake and looking at the camera while she stretches

 baby girl naps in a wicker baskers with a soft white blanket for comfort and there are Christmas garlands drapped on the basket

a sleeping newborn is propped on her arms in a wicker basket

 a curly haird mom and her brown haired husband snuggle with their new baby girl as she is wrapped in a purple scarf

baby girl in a purplr wrap is sleeping on her mom's chest while dad stands behind them

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