Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Everett

This beautiful family welcomed a sweet little boy into their home a few weeks before Christmas 2014. Baby Everett loved to cuddle. He was happiest being held. Look at the smile in the first photo! Everett also has fantastically long eyelashes — like so many newborn boys do! I loved photographing him and his big sister. I got to see them before last Christmas when they came in for my Christmas mini sessions. Everett is a big boy. I’ll share those photos soon!

parents sit on a savage backdrops thunder grey floor with their blonde daughter and new baby boy

a dark haired mother holds her baby boy wrapped in blue while his sister peeks over mom's shoulder

a blonde older sister kisses her baby brother's head and they snuggle on a grey carpet

a little girls touches the head of her brother as he is asleep in a blue bucket

cuddling in between his parents a new baby sleeps

a baby is asleep with his hands put by his face on a royal blue flokati rug

newborn baby boy with long eyelashes sleeps with his hands on his chest

macro photo of the long eyelashes of a newborn boy

macro close up photo of newborn baby toes

sleeping on his tummy on a white rug a newborn poses with his first pair of black Converse sneakers

a newborn baby boy with fuzzy hair is asleep on a white blanket

close up photo of a new baby boy

a blonde haired girl stands on a grey backdrop with her Christmas dress on

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