Edmonton Child Photographer * Mommy Connections South

So much personality in this Mommy Connections Toddler group!  They were ether really shy, and needed alot of coaxing to be in the photos, or they just sat right down and started smiling!  There was no in between. 

a toddler boy makes a face as his older sister tries to kiss him

 a dark haired mother with blue eyes and a purple shirt holds her little girl on her lap

an asian mom and daughter try to tickle the baby girl to make her laugh

a one year old girl with light blonde hair and blue eyes sits in a small bucket

with pigtails and a blue dress a little girl looks towards the camera

 with an impish grin a blonde haired and blue eyes toddler girl laughs

big smiles from a little girl wearing a blue jean shirt during a photo session with toddlers

a blonde haired mom kisses the cheek of her bald son who is wearing a grey and yellow shirt

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