Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Salman

Introducing baby Salman!  At 6 weeks he was older than my typical newborn, but he had started to fill out in his cheeks and get that all over cute baby chubbiness. Salman loved to cuddle with mom or grandma. He wasn’t as much of a fan of sleeping. But when his eyes were closed you could see his amazingly long eyelashes.

newborn baby boy with Lebanese heritage sleeps in a small metal bucket

a lebanese newborn boy with long eyelashes is asleep wrapped in a white sack with his hands tucked under his chin

 in a white sleep sack on a fuzzy wool nest is a sleeping newborn boy

a six week old lebanese boy is wrapped in a grey scarf and asleep on a royal blue flokati rug

wrapped in greys and oranges is baby boy with Lebanese colouring

 a lebanese grandmother kisses the cheek of her sleeping new grand son

a baby boy wearing a red neck tie looks wide eyed and sconfused about his surroundings

a lebanese mother cuddles her new son against a baby blue wall

a dark haired mother holds her baby to her chest while he is wrapped in a celery green wrap

a new mother holds her baby boy and her one year old daughter

 a new family of four stand together for a photo against a baby blue backdrop

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