Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Henley

This was one of my most favorite newborn sessions!  Baby Henley was a dream to photograph. They also have the cutest dog named Hiccup (no relation to the movie How to Train Your Dragon) who joined in many of the photos. He also tried on one of my knit hats. Last photo in this blog post. Funny.

Back to beautiful little Henley. When I met her family they were getting ready to move to France (Versailles, I believe) for schooling. A brand new baby and a move overseas — an exciting time for them! Henley slept through every pose I put her in and her peachy pink skin and wisps of dark hair looked great with every colour we used. Such a great little baby. I hope she is enjoying life with Hiccup, mom and Dad in France!  

a newborn girl wearing a white bonnet and red poinsetta flower sleeps on a brown blanket

close up photo of a baby in a white knit bonnet asleep

 a baby is sleeping on a brown blanket and wrapped in a pink scarf

 wearing a red knit hat a newborn baby sleeps next to her little dog

a macro photo of a newborn baby and her long eyelashes

 a father cups his hand around his baby's head

a photo comparison showing the size difference of a newborn foot and her dad's hands

a little brown fluffy dog cuddles with his owners baby girl on a blue rug

a newborn in a green and blue knit rompers sleeps with her hands on her chest

 wearing a knit green and blue outfit and asleep on a dark blue rug is a newborn girl

 a baby and a dog are in a wicker basket with a christmas garland

 a newborn sleeps in a large wicker basket that is wrapped in a natural looking Christmas garland

a dad kisses his wife on the head as they snuggle their new baby girl

 a family with dark hair poses for a photo with their new baby girl and their little dog

a new mother with dark eyes and long dark hair cuddles her baby girl against her chest

 a mom hold her baby close and kisses her head

a father wearing a white button down shirt comforts his crying baby

a father with a beard holds his baby on his arm

 a mother looks at the camera while her husband kisses her on the cheek and she is holding their baby

 a small dog wearing a red baby bonnet poses for a photo on a brown rug

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