Edmonton Child Photographer * Mommy Connections Christmas

I got to test out my new Christmas set on this Mommy Connections toddler group. I like that it is simple and has a rustic feel to it. My photography styles and tastes tend to stay away from a lot of props. The kids and babies in this class were all very interested in the wooden Christmas trees. There were a couple of them that kept me on my toes because they loved to knock them over. Toddlers. Lol. But everyone looked very cute!

siblings with blonde hair pose for photos on a wooden backdrop with a Christmas theme

 an auburn haired girl wearing a green shirt and blue jeans sits in front of wooden Christmas trees

a toddler with a pony tail on the top of her head sits with the feet crossed and hands in her lap in front of small wooden Christmas trees

a little girl is standing on a wooden backdrop and laughing

a young lebanese boy with a full head of dark hair smiles as he sits in front of wooden decorative Christmas trees

a toddler holds her baby sister for a Christmas photo

a mother with long dark hair sits and smiles at her little blue eyed boy

a child with dark hair and asian features is wearing a red shirt for his rustic Christmas photos

a little girl and boy wearing pink and blue pajamas sit together on a wooden backdrop

a blonde girl wearing a red and blank Christmas dress poses on front of wooden decorative trees

a baby girl with big blue eyes and pirced ears looks into the camera

a toddler with blonde hair and big eyes sits with her feet together on a Christmas backdrop

In a pikn dress a curly haired girl siles while she sits on a wooden floor

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