Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Zamar

Newborn baby Zamar was an early arrival for his mother. So when I first met him, after he had been released from the hospital, he was about 6 weeks old. He slept so well for me. He was such a joy to photograph. Such a sweet little baby boy! And I remember he had the cutest little fingers and toes.

a newborn African baby boy sleeps wrapped in a green scarf on a brown fuzzy rug

a cute premie baby boy with brown skin poses sleeps with his fingers sticking out of a wrapped green blanket

close up photo of a six week old baby boy and his tiny toes

an african baby boy sleeps with his head on his hands in a bucket on a wooden backdrop with small wooden Christmas trees

a newborn boy with fuzzy black hair and chocolate brown coloured skin sleeps in a bucket durina Christmas themed photoshoot

asleep on a brown flokati rug an African baby wears hand knit yellow booties and a knit hat

a boy born premature sleeps with this yellow stuffed giraffe and is wearing a matchin yellow knit cap

a newborn baby with chocolate coloured skin is asleep on a brown rug

a close up photo of a baby boy and his face as he sleeps on a green speckled blanket

newborn baby boy is asleeps on a green speckled blanket from IKEA and he is wearing a red knit hat

an African mother wearing a black and grey striped dress snuggles her newborn baby boy

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