Edmonton Baby Photographer * Mommy Connections Christmas

Another rounds of Mommy Connections babies having their first Christmas photos done.This group of babies was one of the smiliest groups I have ever worked with. Sometimes it can take a lot of effort from me to get a smile out of a baby —- and sometimes I don’t get any smiles. I only get about 5 minutes with each baby and his or her mom during the Mommy Connections mini sessions. But this group was so fun and happy. They were obviously excited about Christmas!

a baby baby with big blue eyes has a huge grin as he gets a rustic themed Christmas photo

a baby asian boy wearing navy blue clothes smiles and grabs his toes

a small baby boy in a grey and blue checkered knit hat frowns as he lays on a brown fuzzy rug

a mother holds up her baby and smiles at her

a mother looks down at her baby boy as he is smiling

am 8 month old baby wearing a dark blue shirt and light pants has very messy hair

a baby with red hair has tummy time on a wooden floor with decorative Christmas trees behind her

a mother with long curly strawberry blonde hair hold her baby to her cheek

 a mother and son are cheek to cheek and they both have light red hair

a baby girl with asian features wears a red dress and grins at the camera

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