Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Eduardo

Newborn baby Eduardo is so sweet with his long eyelashes and cute little mouth, but he was not into photos. Actually that is not entirely true. He loved cuddling with mom and dad, but was not too keen on photos by himself. Perhaps he was going through a growth spurt? But thanks to different angles and my macro lens, for close ups on his face and feet, I was able to get a full gallery of photos!

a filipino baby boy sleeps on a grey fuzzy rug and is wrapped in a vibrant blue scarf

a newborn boy with filipino parents sleeps during his newborn session

laying on light grey wool and a dark grey rug an asian baby boy sleeps with his feet poking out of the blanket

a macro photo of a newborn baby boy and his long eyelashes

close up photo of a newborn boy's toes

a sleeping filipino newborn boy in a blue wrapped scarf and laying on a grey rug

An asian dad hugs his newborn baby boy to his chest

new Filipino parents wearing white shirts pose for a family  photo with their new baby boy

 mom kisses the head of her baby while dad is holding him

an Asian mother holds her newborn boy in a blue blanket while he sleeps

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