Edmonton Baby Photographer * Mommy Connections St Albert

There is something about baby’s eyes. They are so big and expressive!  These sweet little ones from the Mommy Connections St Albert had some of the most expressive eyes I have photographed! Aren’t they all cute!  And I have to give a quick shout out to the mom and baby in the first photo. Harmony is a local entrepreneur in Edmonton and her and her business partner operate  a really cool company called Buddhi Baby that has premade gift boxes for baby showers or other events. She and her daughter are modeling matching shirts from the line of clothing they sell. 

a bald baby stands and she is wearing a fancy gold dress with frendh writing on it

 an sian baby boy lays on a cream rug and smiles

 mom smiles ay her fyzzy headed baby boy

a baby girl wearing a big pink bow on her head blows raspberries

 baby boy in a striped pajama set has very wild and spikey red hair

a baby girl has beautiful blue eyes and she is wearing a pink sweater

a six month old girl lays on her back on a cream coloured rug

mom and her baby boy are cheek to cheek and smiling

a brown haired mother kisses her baby girl on the cheek

wearing a brown shirt a baby sits on a rug and has a huge smile

 a little baby looks into the camera while he is sitting on his moms lap

a baby girl looks concerned as she lays on her tummy

 5 month old girl laying on her tummy cries

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