Edmonton Baby Photographer * Mommy Connections South

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. My session with this Mommy Connections South group was at a new location and I wasn’t able to check it out before hand. I ended up having to shoot the session in a spare massage room at a local yoga studio, as there wasn’t enough space for my equipment in the room where the group was meeting. It was a tight squeeze and I wasn’t sure about the olive green wall (my backdrop was to wide to use) but the babies were happy and charming. And in the end it worked out great, green wall and all!

big blue eyed baby gets a kiss on the cheek from his mom

 a little girl wearing a pink bow on her head gives a little smile

a 6 month old baby lays on her back on a cream coloured rug holding her hands

 a chinese mom and baby wearing black and red sit together

a baby sticks his tongue out

a baby wearing white and green pajamas stands on his moms lap and they smile at each other

a mom holds her sleeping baby close to her face in the cradle position

a beautiful middle eastern baby with a full head of dark hair looks into the camera with her blue eyes

A mom hulds her toddler boy on her lap in a hug

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