Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer * Elle

Elle is the sweetest little girl. She loves her mom and dad, but needed some convincing about the cake. She did get into in the end, but oh did it take some convincing!  I like to do a quick family photo shoot before the cake is brought out, as a child turning one is just as much about mom and dad completing their first year of parenting. We went to the little park near their house for some family photos and the quickly back home to make mobile studio for a costume change and a cake. It wasn’t until mom gave her a spoon did Elle finally really get into the cake and give me some of the cutest expressions!

a one year old makes the cutest face during a photoshoot with her parents

parents hold their daughter in a canopy of willow bushes

a spanish dad and his caucasian wife stand with their one year old daughter in a grove of willow bushes

a one year old girl sits on a white bench in the forest

baby girl sticks her tongue out at the camera

 a spanish father holds his dark haired one year olf girl up in the air and they touch foreheads

mom kisses the cheek of her daughter during an outdoor photo session in the woods

wearing a aqua romper a little girl touches her pink iced birthday cake

 a baby girl stares at the pink icing on her finger

crawling away a one year wearing an aqua romper looks surprised

 birthday girl frowns as she crawls away from her pink cake

 a dad tries to convince his daughter to put her toes in her cake and icing

 a baby girl chews on her sppon as she is covered in pink icing

holding a pink spoon covered in icing a toddler smiles

a smashes pink birthday cake and toddler toes

 a baby girl plays peek a boo with the camera as sheis eating cake with her hands

a little girl has a surpised look on her face when she see pink icing on her toes

 wearing an aqua romper a little girl eats the pink icing off her cake

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