Edmonton Child Photographer * Ladybug Playschool

I had the honour of being asked to come back to do photos of the children at Ladybug Playschool. My 4 year old daughter was also one of the kids in the classes, so it was extra special for me. You can see her in the last photo (middle seat, checkered shirt) setting the tone for the class’s funny face photo. These sessions are so fast but I am usually able to get them laughing about something. For the boys, it’s always fart jokes. Always. With the girls I can usually get them talking about something that excites them. This year it was Halloween costumes as our session was a week before Halloween. Genuine smiles!

 a toddler with long red hair laughs

a blonde toddler with dimples smiles while standing against a chalkboard

a blonde 3 year old boy smiles

against a chalkboard a little girl wearing pink laughs little boy wears a green shirt with a gorilla on it and sits on a child sized wooden chair

a little Filipino girl with dark hair stands with her back to a wall covered in the alphabet

 a little boy sitting in a small wooden chair giggles

an asian toddler lean her head on her shoulder and smiles

a blonde girl stands with her hand on her hip in front of a chalkboard

a blonde boy wearing tan pants and a blue checkered shirt sits sideways on a small wooden chair against a wall with the alphabet

little girl looks unimpressed during her preschool photos

ladybug preschool class makes funny faces for their class photo

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