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I realize it is strange that I am posting Christmas photos in the middle of June. Afterall, summer just began a day ago. Who wouldn’t want to think about winter and snow? However, that is how the chips have fallen and my blogging schedule ends up this way. However, it’s hard to not want to look at cute babies in their first Christmas photos!  

A mother snuggles with her baby girl

a blad baby stands with her mother and smiles

 sitting on a wooden backdrop ababy boy has Christmas photos

 a mom with red hair holds her baby girl during a Christmas photoshoot

 a mother holds her twins baby boys on her lap

a baby with large green eyes lays on her tummy on a wooden plank floor

a litte baby boy lays on his back on a brown fuzzy rug

a blue eyed baby with curly hair has a Christmas themed photo taken

wearing a white and black Christmas dress a baby girl sits and smiles

close up photo of a baby boy with a lot of dark hair

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