Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Brynn

I was so excited that this outdoor newborn session came together! Living in Edmonton, I don’t get very many opportunities to do newborn photo shoots outdoors. We do get a lot of hot weather, but we also get bad mosquitoes. And up until Baby Brynn’s session, all the elements were working against me when it came to scheduling an outdoor newborn session.  Luckily it got really hot in early July, the mosquitoes died off and the wind stayed away. There is a vacant field down the road from my house and it was filled with what most people would call weeds. But I’m a newborn photographer and all I saw was the perfect spot for a session with a newborn baby girl. I am so happy that mom trusted me, because driving by it wasn’t much to look at!

baby girl sleeps in a basket in a field of daisies

a beautiful baby girl wears a jewel headband and is asleep in a wildflower field

a closeup photo of a newborn girl sleeping outdoors surrounded by daisies

curled up in a comfortable position is a baby girl sleeping outside in a wicker basket and cream coloured blanket

surrounded by green leaves and daisies a baby girl is asleep in a brown wicker basket

close up details of a newborn baby and her hair and eyelashes

an organic looking basket with a newborn baby girl is in some wildflowers

newborn girl models an organic looking headband while alseep in a field of flowers

baby sleeps on a caramel colours faux fur rug in a brown bucket surrounded by flowers

outdoor newborn session in daisey and alfalfa flowers

laying inside an organic brown basket a baby sleeps outdoors

a cute baby wears a baby pink bear hat while sleeping outside

newborn girls poses in a daisy patch wearing a light pink knit bear hat

wearing a cute pink knit bear har a baby sleeps outdoors

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