Edmonton Baby Photographer * Mommy Connections

I have a set I normally like to use when I photograph the various Mommy Connections classes I work with. But it was such a nice day that we decided to forgo the studio set up and go outside. There is a beautiful big willow tree behind the facility where this class of moms and babies met. It was the perfect tree because it has low hanging branches and the sun was just starting to shine through the leaves.  My family vacations each year in Montana and I am always jealous of the beautiful willow trees there, as one with graceful low branch are not very common in Edmonton.   Enjoy! 

a baby smiles while she hugs her mom

under the canopy of a willow tree and mom and baby daughter together on a blanket

a baby boy yans big while sitting in his mom's lap outside

big smiles from a baby with his mom

a pretty little baby girl wearing a blue dress and pink bow sits outdoors on a white blanket

 surrounded by the low branches of a willow tree and mom hold her baby girl

mom kisses her little baby while the sun shines through the branches of the trees behind her

beautiful sunlight streams through the leaves of a willow tree while a new mother holds up her baby girl

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