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The Mommy Connections West Edmonton group usually meets weekly at the Lessard Community League building. It’s a nice place with a great playground and a little patch of poplar trees. For photo shoots with the Mommy Connections groups, I usually stick to a neutral studio type setup. However, when I arrived at the building and I saw that the leaves had just started changing, I told everyone we were going outside! It was such a nice day and those first few days of Fall colours are my favorite. You get the full mixture of colours. Autumn in Edmonton is really pretty but the majority of the colour is yellow. We don’t see those vibrant reds and oranges that the East Coast does. But it was nice to get outside and I think the babies enjoyed it! And the slight breeze gave this first baby a killer mowhawk. Although it was pretty much standing on its own.

a baby boy with a wild blonde mowhawk hair cute looks confused

a blue eyed baby snuggles with his mother in the fall leaves

a mother wearing a black shirt kisses the head of her baby girl in a forest of fall leaves

baby boy lays on the grass in the forest with Autmun colours

A mom and daughter wearing matching white shirts sit on the grass

a mom and baby boy smile at each other with the Fall leaves in the background

a baby boy wearing a red boy tie sits on his mom's lap in the forest

mom holds her brand new baby girl for a photo with the Autumn leaves

laughing and smiling at each other a mother with dark harid hold her baby in the air

a mother with curly brown hair hugs her baby girl

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