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This was my final session with little Karli after our year together. For a refresher here are her newborn and 6 month sessions. The McLean family owns some beautiful property south of Edmonton and wanted Karli’s 1 year session out there. On the day of her session it was warm, but was it ever windy! And Karli was about 14 months old, so she was walking and independent as all mobile toddlers are. There was a lot of pleading and convincing her to stay with mom and dad for a group photo. But in the end it all came together! 

Mom and dad stand with their toddler girl agasint the wooden fence at their acreage home

a black and white malamute dog photo comes up to a family standing along a farm fence

a big malamute dog rols on the ground while a mom and dad play with their toddler daughter

mom and dad hold their daughter's hands as they stand in between some young spruce trees in their back yard

 a little girl wearinbg a pink shirt is swung into the air by her parents

toddler runs on her lawn in the sun

a dad crouches down in the long dry grasses to fix the sweater on his little girl

mom and dad stand in a forest with Fall colours with their daughter

mom tries to convince her toddler to come give her a hug

one year blonde girl wearing a pink and white polka dot coat stands in long dry grasses

dad throws his little girl in the air and she laughs

 a blonde girl wtih short hair runs through long grass while the sun shines behind her

a little girl walks through tall grass and her head is barely visible

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