Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Callum

Baby Kallum will be turning 2 in a few short months, time to get his newborn session blogged. It is one of my favorites!  But first a quick refresher on his beautiful mother’s maternity session.  Baby Kallum was born into a family that loves professional Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao and the Edmonton Oilers hockey team, so when dad brought out a few pieces of official clothing he wanted Kallum photographed I was excited. I love when I am able to use bold colours with newborn babies, and the red, navy blue and orange look awesome! Kallum was such a good sleeper that I was able to get many different setups, including one with the family dog Chico.

*sidenote: the photo with Chico was a composite and dad’s hands were always one baby Kallum. Also this is something I will only attempt with dogs that are well trained and can sit or lay still 

a newborn baby lays on a Manny Pacquiao sweater and smiles in his sleep

wrapped in a navy blue scarf a baby boy is a sleep on an Edmonton Oilers jersey

Edmonton Oilers jersey worn by Taylor Hall is wrapped around a sleeping newborn baby boy

 the little fingers of a baby boy peek out of a navy blue blanket as he sleeps

 a baby boy stretches his arms as he sleeps on a dark blue flokati rug

close up photo of a filipino baby asleep with his arms resting by his head

a large brown dog cradles a sleeping baby boy on a cream coloured flokati rgu

wrapped in a navy piece of fabric a newborb sleeps on a curved white bench against a cream coloured backdrop

a close up photo of the face of a sleeping baby

a filipino father wearing a white button down shirt snuggles his newborn baby boy

a caucasian mom cuddles her filipino baby boy

a mixed race couple holds their filipino baby boy

a mixed race family sits tgoether for a first family photo

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