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This was such a fun group of moms and their sweet babies with Mommy Connections South! I love seeing all the different outfits and hairstyles the babies have (or don’t have). Most of them found me pretty entertaining, but I did have to work a little bit harder with some of them.

One of the reasons I have been photographing the various Mommy Connections classes for so long is I believe that all moms should have a beautiful photo of themselves with their baby. It is not just for them, but it’s a photo that their child can reminisce about what their mom looked like when they were just a baby. I love looking through my old baby albums!  The 1980’s decor and style was terrible, but I can remember what my mom and dad looked like when they were young. I hope these babies enjoy looking back at these photos when they are older! 

A mom with green hair streaks looks down at her little baby on her lap

a baby boy wearing no pants and a coloured cardigan laughs as his mother holds him

a close up photo of a baby with bright blue eyes

a baby girl leans into her filipino mom

wearing a white shirt a baby with spiky dark hair has tummy time on a cream coloured rug

a baby girl that can sit unassisted smiles at the camera

a little asian boy baby with whispy hair sits on his moms lap

mom and daughter cheek to cheek

A little baby girl with curlt red hair lays on her back and plays with her toes

an east indian mom kisses the cheek of her baby

baby girl had so much hair she is wearing a hair clip

mom and baby are cheek to cheek and smiling

a chubby baby in a blue dress lays on the floor

a mom with long red curly hair hold her baby girl up to her chest

mom smiles ather baby girl who is looking towards the camera

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