Edmonton Family Photographer * Thompson Family

I seem to have the worst luck with wind and outdoor family sessions. It was super windy this day and I was panicking a bit as the Thompson girls have long hair. Long hair and wind don’t mix. I was rushing to the location at the Strathcona Science Park ahead of time to find some sheltered areas, as I had never actually been here before. However I got stopped at the entrance by the longest train ever! I think I was sitting in my car for close to 20 minutes!  Frustrating. The train finally went by and I was able to scope out the treed area along the river. It was perfect as the sun was shining through and the over grown trees and there is a really cool old boardwalk. However this will be the only time I am able to use the boardwalk for photos as the city has apparently torn it down!  But it was the perfect place for our Fall family session. And The Thompsons always look super stylish whenever I photograph them. Mom has great style!

*The Strathcona Science Park is a strange piece of Alberta’s history. Here is an interesting article about its beginning and quick demise.  

a blonde family of 5 pose in the fall leaves

 a blonde little girl with the sun shining in her hair walks through the grass at the Strathcona Science Park

three siblings hold hands on a boardwalk in the fall colours

two sisters and their brother are standing toegther holding hands on a wooden boardwalk

 mom and dad stand with their three children on the boardwalk at the Strathcona Science Park

a dad and mom with blonde hair cuddle together during their Autummn photo session

a little boy with vibrant blue eyes stares into the camera

a child with blonde hair walks in the windy grass at the top of a hill

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