Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Theo

Newborn baby Theo has the most incredible eyelashes!  The little boys always seem  to have the longest ones. I photographed him and his mother about a week after his birthday. Unfortunately his father was at work and was unable to make it home for the session. But this gave me some extra time to spend with mom. As mothers are usually the ones taking the photos of the day to day activities, they are often the ones that are not in the photos. So it was great that I could photograph these photos of her and her little boy. Baby Theo was a wonderful sleeper and he was so receptive to the various poses that I did with him. Not a peep in two hours!

a new Lebanese mother holds her baby boy wrapped in blue fabric

a mother holds her newborn son and kisses his head

a close up macro photo of newborn baby toes

a close up macro photo of a newborn baby and the hair on his shoulders

a close up macro photo of newborn baby eyelashes

a baby boy wears newborn sized brown overalls and is asleep on a flokati rug

wrapped in a blue blanket with his fingers peeking out a baby boy sleeps

a newborn boy is asleep in a blue blanket and laying on a curved white bench

a newborn baby boy sleeps in his white satin bedding in his bed

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