Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Davis

Baby Davis and his mom and dad travelled all the way from Edson to Edmonton for me to photograph their first baby!  He has the cutest little head of dark blonde hair and was so generous with the smiles. My parents have two beautiful Mountain Ash trees in their backyard and the leaves were just turning colours, so I incorporated some of the leaves and berries into one of my setups. It was something I had been wanting to do for years!  I am glad mom and dad said yes. I also like to encourage my newborn clients to bring one or two special mementoes they would like photographed with baby. Little Davis came with his stuffy toy. He snuggled right in there with the soft giraffe! These photos are also great because it shows how little newborn babies are, especially if you continue to take comparison photos throughout baby’s first year. 

 blue eyed parents snuggle thier new baby boy

a baby boy smiles in his sleeo while his parents hold him

mom and dad kiss he head of thier new baby while he is asleep on dads chest

a newborn sleeps soundly on his father's chest

a newborn boy smiles in his sleep while his dad is holding him

a new mother kisses her baby on the head

a blonde haired and blue eyed mother holds her baby boy as he sleeps

 a newborn boy sleeps in a wooden basket with mountain ash merries and vivid leaves on the ground around him

a visual comparison of the small size of a newborn boy nbext to his toy giraffe

 a brand new baby hug his oversized giraffe stuffed toy

newborn boy smiles in his sleep

 a newborn with light coloured hair sleeps on a brown fluzzy rug

a sleeping baby on a brown flokati rug

a newborn makes a funny face as he looks toward the camera

a baby boy laying on a blue blankey and wearing a striped bowtie looks at the lights

newborn boy wearing a striped blue tie cries

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