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2015 was the year of twins for me! Brady and Bennett were the first of 5 sets I photographed. It was also the first time I photographed twins with an older sibling. I am glad he was a bit older than the first siblings normally are. He was a great listener and I was able to do some different poses that I normally wouldn’t try with toddler siblings.  Brady and Bennett were star sleepers and they loved to cuddle with each other. It’s neat how twins are like that when they are newborn babies. 

(Before viewing the photos of Brady and Bennett, here is their family before they were born. During Kim’s Edmonton winter maternity session)

 Twin newborn baby boys sleep together in a wire basket

brand new baby twin boys are asleep in a grey metal wire basket on a grey flokati rug

a happy big brother sits next to his twin baby brothers as they are asleep

a six year old boy snuggles with his twin baby brothers who are wrapped in grey wraps

twin newborn boys snuggle while one smiles in his sleep

a baby boy is curled up asleep on his back on a white blanket

a pair of newborn brothers wearing coordinating tweed knit hats sleep together in a basket

baby brothers wearing matching knit hats sniggle while they sleep next to each other in a wicker basket

a close up photo of twin newborn boys with a light bit of hair on their heads

brand new baby twin boys sleep together in a wicker basket

brand new baby twin boys sleep together in a wicker basket

baby brothers put their palms together while they are wrapped in a blue blanket

a little twin boy puts his arm around his brother as they sleep on a blue fuzzy rug

mom and dad hold their twin sons while the eldest son tickles one of the baby's feet

dad holds his twin boys while mom and the oldest son cuddle them all

a big brother smiles big as his mom and dad hold his baby brothers

a family stands together with their son and new twin boys

an eldest son gives his mother bunny ears with his fingers during a photos shoot for his twin baby brothers

Grandma holds her new twin grandbabies and kisses them

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