Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Carter

Little Carter is newest baby to Dara! He is such a sweet little boy Dara and Gregg have some good genes in their family. They have the cutest children.  You will see them both again before Christmas. Carter has the cutest little gap in his front teeth at 9 month old. But right now enjoy the photos of him with his dark hair and newborn baby goodness!

a newborn baby sleeps on a blue cable knit blaket between his stuffed toys

 brand new baby boy wth dark hair is asleep in the taco pose on a blue cable knit blanket

 baby boy sleeps with his hands tucked under his head

 a peaceful sleep for a baby on a baby blue cable knit blanket

wearing a soft bear hat a newborn sleeps with his arms under his chin

 with a slight frown a baby sleeps on a brown flokati and hugs his white teddy bear

 newborn boy holds his toes as he sleeps on a brown flokati rug

a baby boy is wearing s fuxxy knt giraffe hat and is asleep on fuzzy brown rug

newborn alseep in a wooden bucket on a grey flokati rug and thundergrey savage paper backdrop

big brother sits with his new baby brother who is asleep in a wooden bucket

 a toddler squeezes himself into the wooden bucket his new baby brother was just in

 a toddler with big brown eyesholds his baby brother who is wrapped in a grey knit snuggle sack

 a new family of four looks at their brand new baby boy

 mom and dad sit their their toddler son and newborn boy on a savage grey backdrop

 a dad with dark spikey hair kisses his new baby boy

a new mother with vibrant burgandy hair cuddles her new baby boyto her chest

 mom sits with her two little boys

while dad is holding him a toddler points to his newborn baby brother

a family of four poses for a photo during a newborn session on a savage grey paper backdrop

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