Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Laila

Beautiful little Laila is the new baby for Abby & Dan. She was born in early Spring, so mom and dad wanted a theme with pinks and all things Easter. They had several props that were special to them and wanted to incorporate them into the session. My favorite had to be the seed bead covered eggs. Laila has the perfect cream coloured skin and the newborn baby chubbiness in her cheeks. She was a great sleeper too.  Such a sweet baby girl.  

newborn girl with pink skin wears a pale pink bonnet while she sleeps

 a sleeping baby girl is wearing a knit bunny ear hat and holding an egg covered in jewels

while wearing knit bunny ears a newborn girl sleeps on a pink blanket

 a newborn girl wears a black bow in her hair and is asleep on her tummy

 wrapped in a bright pink lace scarf a chubby newborn baby is sleeping

a little baby with perfect pink skin and peach fuzz hair is sleeping on a vibrant pink blanket

 a newborn girl is asleep in an Easter basket next to a stuffed bunny

a mother with bright red hair and pink lips snuggles with her newborn baby girl

a dad kisses mom while he holds his new baby to his bare chest

 mom and dad look at their new baby girl while she sleeps skin to skin with dad

dad snuggles skin to skin with his new baby girl

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