Edmonton Child Photographer * Mommy Connections Toddler

I feel like it’s been awhile since I posted a session with a Mommy Connections Toddler group.These kids were fun. Lively and active — like all toddlers are — but fun. Thanks you to Inflatable Fun in south Edmonton, for letting me set up my mobile portrait studio at their place for these photo sessions.

a little boy with a big grin sits cross legged on a cream flokati

 mom with long red hair hugs her toddler boy with spikey hair/>

 a blonde haired toddler hugs her new baby brother

 a mom with a 6 week old baby and a toddler girl sit together on a cream rug

a toddler boy with curly dark bonde hair wears a red plaid shirt

mom tickles her toddler as he sits on her lap

 a little boy with spikey brown hair sits on a cream curved bench like it is a horse

mom sits on a light coloured rug with her two boys

 a little girl gives a sheepish grin as she looks into the camera

 two dark haired girls wear matching dresses for a photshoot

 sisters in matching purple dresses hug each other

a cute toddler girl with pigtails sits on a bench pretending it is a horse

 mom sits with son who is wearing an orange and brown striped shirt

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