Edmonton Child Photographer * Mommy Connections West Baby

What a sweet bunch of babies with this Mommy Connections West baby group. I love seeing the outfits that their moms choose for them. Baby clothes are the cutest. They are all styling.It’s tough to be the babies at the end of the class…there are always a few that have fallen asleep. But it’s fun to give mom some sleeping photos as many moms did not have newborn photos done. Or if they did hire an Edmonton newborn photographer, they weren’t in the photos themselves. 

A 6 month old boy looks puzzled as he sits in a wicker basket

mom wearing pink and blank holds her baby who is yawning big

 an asian mom smiles large as she snuggles with her sleeping baby

 a happy baby boy with dark hair smiles as he has tummy time

 a chubby baby wearing a prince charming tshirt smiles at the camera

o her tummy a baby smiles big

a mom with dark hair holds her baby girl during a photoshoot

 a filipino mom snuggles with her chubby baby boy

a sweet baby girl wearing a jean shit and a small bow in her hair smiles as mom kisses her head

 close up photo of a mom cuddling her baby boy as he sleeps

 a baby has a big eyed look as her asian mom kisses her on the cheek

 a blue eyed baby peeks over mom's shoulder

 a 2 month old baby wearing a grey and yellow sweater sleeps in a basket

mom kisses her bald baby's head

a baby boy with a bowtie and red checkered shirt lays on his back and smiles

 mom with glasses and brown hair holds her baby boy on her lap

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