Edmonton Family Photographer * Zak and Tallah

I met Tallah and her mom Aimee at one of my Valentine’s mini sessions with Mommy Connections. Aimee asked if her husband could come with Tallah for some photos of the two of them. Great idea!  I don’t get to do many daddy daughter photos. Tallah wasn’t all thay keen on the idea but the two of them looked super cute together! 

a dark haired baby looks surpised as her dad holds her hands

a hipster dad wearing red plaid kisses the cheek of his brown eyed baby girl

a dad with dark hair glasses and a beard is check to cheek with his dark hair little baby girk

 holding his 9 month old baby  a with a dark beard dad smiles at the camera

a baby girl with dark brown hair sits on her dad's lap while she snuggles her

 a hispter dad wearing red and grey plaid and with dark rimmed glasses holds his baby girl as they sit on a thuder grey Savage Paper backdrop

 a pudgy baby girl cries while she is sitting on her dad

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