Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Sawyer

Newborn baby Sawyer is so cute!  I love her little round face and she was a wonderful baby to photograph!  Mom and dad are big NHL fans — one cheering for the Edmonton Oilers and the other cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs. We incorporated a bit of both in the session. Hopefully Sawyer doesn’t grow up wanting to cheer for Calgary or Vancouver!

newborn girl sleeps in a wicker basket wearing a purple knit hat

 a brand new baby girl wearing a headband with purple chiffon flowers sleeps in a wicker basket

Wrapped in an Edmonton Oilers jersey is a sleeping newborn girl

brand new baby sleeps in  Toronto Maple Leafs jersey

newborn girl is asleep on her dad's black hockey gloves

 a beautiful baby girl is wrapped in a green wrap and asleep on her tummy

a baby clasps her hands as she sleeps wrapped in a white mohair knit scarf

a black and white photo of a round faced baby sleeping

mom and dad hold their newborn girl as she sleeps in a green wrap

 dad holds his new daughter and smiles at her

dad wearing a blue sweater touches his nose to his newborn daughter's nose

mom snuggles her brand new baby girl against her chest

a new mother holds her brand new baby in her arms

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