Edmonton Child Photographer * Hudson & Lincoln

Hudson and Lincoln are the cutest blue eyed brothers!  I have all girls at home and people always say that girls get the best clothes. But boys have some super cute things too!  Those orange pants! Love them. Do they come in adult sizes?  These two came in for some updated sibling photos. It was a fast session — as it usually is when working with preschoolers and elementary kids. But we had fun!

brothers wearing jeans a button up shirts sit together on a cream coloured flokati rug

a grade school boy sits on his hands and smiles on a curved bench

 a big brother tickles his little brother as he sits on a curved bench

a little boy with spikey hair and orange pants lounges on a curved bench

a little boy gives a thumbs up during a photoshoot with his big brother

 two blonde haired kids hug each other as they look at the camera

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