Edmonton Cake Smash Photography * Connor

I’ve had a good run of really happy Edmonton cake smash kids to photograph!  Connor was no exception. He was smiling and happy and love this experience. I loved the colours that mom chose for the cake — the greenish teal and grey/white combo looks really vibrant with his dark hair and eyes. Mom told me, at this session, that she was pregnant again. So you will see Connor soon with his brand new baby sister. 

a one year boy stands between his parents holding their hands

an asian father and east indian mother hold their one year boy as he smiles

a family with a little boy wearing a green shirt sit together on a ream coloured flokati

a one year boy with dark brown hair smiles as he puts his hands in a pale green coloured cake

the birthday boy on his first birthday pats the mint coloured icing on his cake

a toddler with dark hair gives a funny smile as smashes his cake

a little boy  licks the iing off his fingers

a cute boy on his first irthday is covered in mint green icing

a one year boy with dark hair and eyes holds a large piece of vanilla cake with mint green green icing

 a baby boy has a surprised  look on his face after his cake smash is finished

big smiles from a little boy after his cake smash session

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