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More babies celebrating their first Valentine’s Day!  This class was great and very forgiving for me going over my alloted time!  I accidentally broke my studio light after the first baby was done her photos. So I had to move everything in my set up to the other room, at the facility we were at, and shoot with natural light.  It was the first time in a year that I had done a natural light indoor session — I was nervous. However, with enough years of photography behind me I still remembered what I was doing ;)

A baby girl with spiky brown hair stares toward the camera quizically

mom holds her laughing baby upside down during a Valentines photoshoot

red haired mom and baby are cheek to cheek in Valentines colours

big smiles from a 4 month old girl as her mom holds her during a heart themed photo shoot on thunder grey savage paper

an asian mother holds her smiling baby girl and they are both wearing shades of red and pink

with blonde hair and blue eyes a mom and baby boy sit together on a backdrop covered in pink and red hearts

a mother and baby boy are cheek to cheek but he looks puzzled

a smiling baby lays on a grey flokati rug

a brunette mother kisses the head of her baby girl at a Valentine's themed photoshoot

a pudgy baby boys smiles mischeviously at the camera

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